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Guy Florack is a wonderfully driven person. He is great at giving feedback and he honors his commitments.


Ruben Vermijs

Commercial Director, ITNEXT App Development

Guy is a dream to work with and a very nice guy to boot. He understands how software development works and isn't afraid to innovate. That makes him a great Product Owner. He takes a fair and balanced position between the stakeholders and the development team, where he pushes the development team when necessary, but can also say no to stakeholders when a no is required. This leads to high quality code and innovative software products.


Bart Matthaei

General Director, Ambrero Software

Very creative, skillful and professional allrounder with an excellent eye for detail. Love to work with Guy Florack, always happy with the result!

Viola Mashoed

Marketing Manager, MYLAPS Sports Timing

Guy is more than just a photographer, he will visualise your marketing strategy for you. Flexible, but to the point, it’s always a pleasure to work with him.


Freek Steinmann

Account Manager, AquaFox

Guy Florack’s 360 degree photography allows you to walk through an outdoor space. Imagination and visualization of design is important in landscape architecture. Visitors to our website are enthusiastic about the appealing and striking display of 360 degree photography.

Thor Hendriks

Partner, Burobol Landscape Architecture

Guy is one of those guys who is able to make a big problem small in no time! Always has an answer and so very comfortable to work with. His in-depth knowledge in varied subjects is high!

Chiel A. Brandenburg

Owner, Eerlijk & Warm

Guy has Fingerspitzengefühl for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from other freelance designers out there. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and manages to capture the essence of your requests in his designs.

Stef Nielen

Founder & Owner, energy@home

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