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an app to check if the weather conditions are good for kiteboarding on your favorite spots.

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CAN I KITE? is the fastest kitesurf news website on the planet and has been for the past 15 (!) years. Dedicated to providing the kiteboarding  community with news, facts and real-time smart weather info for over 200 kitesurfing spots world-wide, Hanglos has grown to a 100.000+ article news database with over 11.500 members.


Mobile App Prototype

We created a prototype mobile app to answer the single question on a kitesurfer’s mind when they are not on the water kitesurfing: Can I Kite?


The Challenge

Combine real-time weather date with the weather forecast and a unique set of conditional rules specific for each individual kite spot (location) provided by


The Solution

a single screens that not only superimposes actual weather date with weather forecasts including precipitation, wind and general weather type, but also gives the kiteboarder advice on weather the conditions are good to go for a specific kitesurf location based on which wind direction, wind speed and weather are safe and acceptable for the location and the skill level of the kitesurfer.

Graphic Design

Interactive Mobile Prototype

Based on Real Data

Need a prototype?

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