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Knowledge base for tree disease & plagues.

Betere Bomen Knowledge Base


Betere Bomen is the platform for the control of tree disease & plagues in the Netherlands. By providing in depth knowledge & information concerning trees, diseases, plagues and diversity in landscape design, contributes to healthy and aesthetic designing with trees. Betere Bomen provides an alert service so you can be sure you are the first to receive news of upcoming tree diseases & plagues.

We provided the UX & UI design, information architecture, web design, development and deployment. We also provided training and tutorials for user friendly data entry of trees, diseases, plagues and Alerts. received 34,234 views in the first month after launch. The deployment campaign, a press release and a selective newsletter mailing, was a succes.

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Views in the 1st month

MailChimp_Logo_NoBackground_Dark With build in sign-up forms on the Betere Bomen website & Facebook page, users can sign-up to receive a fully automated newsletter alerting them to current threats to trees and public health due to tree diseases and plagues.  When a new disease & plague alert is posted on the Betere Bomen website a full fledged newsletter is generated and send to everyone on the mailing list. Every mailing campaign runs automated reports and statistics using the MailChimp newsletter service.

First Alert Mailing: Bastaardsatijnrups actief

Second Alert Mailing: Eikenprocessierupsen over 2 weken uit ei

Betere Bomen Knowledge Base

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