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by | Feb 23, 2015 | Apple, Tech | 255 comments

Incorrect Unread Count iPhone / iPad Issue

The Mail app on your iOS device shows an incorrect unread count when there actually aren’t any unread mail messages in your inbox.
First off all please check to see it you really don’t have any unread mails. You can do this by opening the Mail app, opening your inbox, selecting “edit” at the top right, select “Mark All” at the bottom left and select “Mark as Unread”.
I the issue still exists, try the fix below.

Incorrect Unread Count iPhone / iPad FIX

  1. Go to “Settings”Incorrect unread count iphone ipad fix guy florack
  2. Select “Mail, Contact, Calendars”
  3. Select the mail account that shows the unread message.
  4. Turn “Mail” to “Off”
  5. Turn the iPhone / iPad off by holding down the power button for 5 seconds and slide to power off.
  6. Wait for 30 seconds, turn the iPhone / iPad back on.
  7. Go to “Settings”
  8. Select “Mail, Contact, Calendars”
  9. Select the respective Mail account
  10. Turn “Mail” back to “On”

If you experience an issue whereby you read one of your iCloud email messages in the Mail application on your computer and that email still appears in your unread mail count on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, check this Apple support article:
iCloud, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: Some of my emails/updates don’t seem to be pushed to my device.


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